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message_host = kakar.ca message_host = ls5.labix.org

1. Get publish-bot. The easiest way to get the code is with:

bzr branch lp:publish-bot

2. Put the bzrcommitmessage.py Bazaar plugin that comes with publish-bot in your ~/.bazaar/plugins directory.

3. Once the Bazaar plugin is in place you'll need to provide some configuration to make it work. Add a stanza similar to the following to your ~/.bazaar/locations file:

post_commit = bzrlib.plugins.bzrcommitmessage.send_commit
message_host = ls5.labix.org
message_port = 11234
message_password = storm
message_channel = storm
message_branch_prefix = storm

Commit messages for branches hosted under /home/<username>/src/storm will end up in #storm for everyone to see! Ask in the channel or on the mailing list if you have any questions or need help setting this up.

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