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Storm contributors should execute this assignment before contributing
substantial amounts of code. To execute it, send a gpg-signed mail to
gustavo@niemeyer.net, quoting the assignment and stating that you agree.

Storm Copyright Assignment

Version 1.0, 2007-08-03

You agree, understand, and state that:

1. The term "Software" refers to the program variously known as Storm
Object Relational Mapper, and related materials.

2. The term "Assigned Contributions" means changes or enhancements to the
Software submitted by you to Canonical, including code in either binary or
source form, and related documentation.

3. You have received good and valuable consideration, and you agree to
assign and do assign to Canonical, Ltd. ("Canonical") your ownership of
copyright in the Assigned Contributions, for the full duration thereof,
and for any renewals or extensions thereof. To any extent that this
assignment is ineffective, you grant to Canonical a nonexclusive,
royalty-free, and perpetual right to use, modify, and distribute the
Assigned Contributions as it wishes.

4. You will execute any documents and perform any acts Canonical
requests to implement the letter and spirit of this agreement, except
that you are not required to do anything that would impose an
unreasonable time or cost burden on you.

5. Canonical grants back to you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, and
perpetual right to use, modify, and distribute the Assigned
Contributions as you wish.

6. Canonical will make the Assigned Contributions available under a "Free
Software Licence", according to the definition of that term published by the
Free Software Foundation. Such a licence will, at minimum, permit
people receiving the software, without payment of a royalty to Canonical, to
use, modify and redistribute under the same licence. Canonical may also make
the Assigned Contributions available under other license terms.

7. You will not assert any patent that is necessarily infringed by exercising
copyright rights in the Assigned Contributions against Canonical, or anyone who
receives the Software from Canonical, or anyone who received the Software under
a Free Software Licence.

8. If you are aware or become aware in the future of any patent infringed by
the Assigned Contributions, you will promptly notify Canonical.

9. Subject to clauses 7 and 8, Canonical will indemnify you against patent
claims against the Assigned Contribution. You will cooperate with Canonical in
defending such a claim. This indemnity will be void if you fail to promptly
notify Canonical of a patent claim relating to the Assigned Contributions.

10. As far as you know, you have the legal right to make this copyright

11. If your employer(s) or others ("Third Parties") generally have rights
to some intellectual property that you create, you have permission to
make this copyright assignment on behalf of such Third Parties, the
Third Parties have waived such rights, or the Third Parties have no such
rights with respect to the Assigned Contributions.

12. You make no warranty of the Assigned Contribution's quality,
merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.